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Selene | Short Version

Produced by Optopus Prod. and Sara Bianchi

Written and directed by Sara Bianchi

Selene reflects herself only on the bus’s windows. She always wears the same grey shirts and, every night, she takes place behind the bar of the night club where she works. When she’s not busy making cocktails and drinks, she gets distracted by the sensuality of the lap dancers. She always looks at them, but she never gets close. Her routine is broken by the appearance of a man who compels her to revive the past and to face something she thought she could have removed.
Angelica, one of the dancers that Selene stares from the bottom of the club, will help her by teaching her how to feel good with herself again.

Selene: Erica Landolfi
Angelica: Carola Rubino
Professore: Riccardo Cavalitto

Production: Sara Bianchi
Editing: Annasofia Solano
Music: Simone Pollino, Stefano Angaramo, Stefano Caiazzo, Jaqueline Giangrande, Daniele Testa
Soundesign: Optopus Prod.
Cinematography: Alessio De Cicco
Costums: Martina Girodo
Scenography: Martina Girodo, Simone Sanna

Winner of Torino Factory 2019

Realizzato per il progetto Torino Factory 2019