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About Chameleon by Guglielmo Loliva | Trailer

Upon the death of their father Greta and Lucio, who didn’t speak to one another in many years, are called back to their childhood home to face the requests of the testament in order to get the inheritance; so they will be forced to reflect on their difficult past and to face a dangerous individual to whom the father held a debt.

Year of production 2019
Length 20 min
Country Italy
Shooting Format Alexa XT
Aspect Ratio 2,39:1
Sound 5.1
Dialogue Italian 

Director Guglielmo Loliva
Producers Guglielmo Loliva, Filippo Loliva, Simone Aguiari
Production Tracce di Cinema, Their Studio
Production Manager Francesca Andriani
Cinematographer Lorenzo Zama
Sound Rebecca Nicotra
Director’s Assistant Francesco Masi
Writer Guglielmo Loliva
Editing Roberto Scaravilli (Their Studio)
Scenography Antonia D’Orsi
Costume Silvia Romualdi
Music Optopus Production, Stefano Angaramo, Filippo Loliva
Cast Annalisa Insarda, Luigi Biava, Roberto Negri, Claudio Trionfi

Festival Selections
Chennai International Short Film Festival 2020, India​
​gLocal Film Festival – Piemonte Movie 2020, Italy


Director’s Intention
The main theme is the constant and inevitable research by people of self forgiveness for their own choices, and of forgiveness by others. I explored the theme showing its most painful and violent consequences. Family is a microcosm that forms the lives of people, but most importantly it shapes their personality. On one hand, we have Greta, that represents the elder successful sibling, the most detached and strong one, in reality we get a portrait of a selfish woman who’s scared of the passing of time.
​On the other hand, there’s Lucio, the youngest sibling, who has suffered and bears a grudge too powerful for forgiveness, from which he draws the strength and violence typical of those who feel abandoned. Lastly, we have Chameleon, an out-of-time individual, that schemes a plot so absurd, with almost a tragic ending, to try and uselessly change the past. The story is completely shot in one room, the living room, as if the old home of the now grown Greta and Lucio is not only a prison, but a chance to start their relationship in a new, authentic way.