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Optopus è un collettivo di professionisti nato con l’intento di unire in un unico brand diversi servizi che comprendono audio e video.
Negli ultimi anni abbiamo realizzato cortometraggi, videoclip musicali, spot pubblicitari, brani musicali ed interi Album ed EP.
Ci piace creare contenuti partendo dall’inizio: l’idea. Dietro ogni progetto che portiamo avanti c’è collaborazione, creatività e voglia di accompagnare il cliente e lo spettatore nel nostro mondo fatto di immagini e suoni.

We joined together in order to create a group of professionals working for a single brand called Optopus. We are specialized in audio and video.
In the last two years we realized shortmovies, videoclip, spot, tracks for various artists, full album and EP.
We like create contents from the beginning: the idea. Behind every project we work on, there is collaboration, creativity and the desire to drive the customer or the spectator in our world made of images and sounds.

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About Chameleon

Upon the death of their father Greta and Lucio, who didn’t speak to one another in many years, are called back to their childhood home to face the requests of the testament in order to get the inheritance; so they will be forced to reflect on their difficult past and to face a dangerous individual to whom the father held a debt.


Selene reflects herself only on the bus’s windows. She always wears the same grey shirts and, every night, she takes place behind the bar of the night club where she works. When she’s not busy making cocktails and drinks, she gets distracted by the sensuality of the lap dancers. 

La Ragazza Cinese

A man is driving across an empty city to find the girl he has dreamt the night before.
He had to meet this chinese girl very quickly, because a storm is going to come.

Safe Health and Water Management

Un progetto che ha come obiettivo migliorare la gestione dell'acqua nei territori libanesi maggiormente colpiti dalla crisi siriana.